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Lake Tanglefoot NY LL Salmon


Ok folks, for those of you familiar with Lake Tanglefoot

The state has been stocking some good numbers of 6+ Salmon for the last few years

if the average lifespan of a stocked LL is about 3-4 years? We should have a really good pop. of nice size salmon.  Especially with HUGE population of Pelagic baitfish (which are running very large in size this year)

I really have my mind set this year ( I know I have said it before) on catchin some Salmon

Someone, anyone, everyone  fill my brain with salmon knowledge

techniques, biology, habits, what types of structures, water depths, bait rigs, jigs or tipups etc


Well in general, I like to fish 6-10 feet below the ice, usually over flats around 40-60 feet deep. I use a shiner or smelt on a small treble hook with a fairly light leader....around 6lb test. Set your tipups as light of a trip as possible if there is an option, and be ready, because they will fly! Salmon chase the pelagic baitfish, so they are not very structure oriented...

Hope that helps a little.

What he said lol   just under the ice on tipups with emerlads or smelt I would assume the lake has smelt in it so thats what i would use as bait.  :)

Also, make sure to hustle over to those tip ups set just under the ice.  Salmon seem to peel off 20-30 feet of line and then drop the bait.  Just my observation.

Hamilton? No Warren... NO crap where is it again?

so we should be setting the hook on the first run, when they are peelin line like mad huh?

I will get one heh

I am becoming obsessed

thanks for the tips folks


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