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Sullivan County Get Together


Anyone interested??? Let's hear from y'all..
Any ideas were??? ??? ???When???? ???

Yeah Timster, me and a half-dozen guys from South of you in Long Island, Westchester, Putnam would probably attend if you could put something interesting together.
We tried to do this last year, but biggest problem seemed to be finding a lake or reservoir where parking was available.
Possibility exists for Greenwood Lake where a buddy has a house, but I'll have to check that out for available parking space --- let you know.
Keep in touch with me on this -- my E-Mail available in my profile.


i would also be up for it as long as its not presidents weekend in february, i rented a house on schroon lake for the weekend. lake superior is a pretty good size lake with plenty of parking.they used to have a fishing  contest there every year.

Wetdreams;;; sounds good, as long as they plow ???
It usualy is,and there will room for trailers :clap:


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