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hey fellas-

just wonderin'...i live pretty close to the SBH, but never really fished it extensively till last year.  we went out there a lot last year, but we werent usually around everyone else.  first time we went out, we were opposite the big rusty ship on the other side of the grain elevators.  like most of the SBH, ya get tons of action...but the perch were a bit bigger than the little dinks we'd get elsewhere before.  so we stayed there for most of the season.  later we tried next to the big boat, which was fun fishin' in more that 9 fow.  but the perch there were tiny!

so in essence, i wanted to get some trends for the SBH cuz the entire area is loaded with little bays, shallow & deep water canals, and little honeyholes.  here's what ive been told - let me know if theres truth to these.

-at first ice, in 45 fow under the big boat, its common to get big jumbo perch like ya would get from the lake itself
-ive heard that bluegills frequent the big boat side too...but surely not in 45 whereabouts can ya get bluegills?
-what do guys focus on gettin' over by the freezer queen?

if i were to start anywhere next year it, as of now, would be the grain elevators on the other side from the boat.  we got at least 50 perch each time, most from 5-9inches, and a few over 10.  i even got a 21'' steelie which, compared to the perch, was quite a blast! but id be very interested to learn more about the freezer queen, the bluegill/big perch potential out off the rusty ship, and the trends/secrets of the SBH from early ice to late.


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