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I want to come back as the biggest Laker in the King and break all your guys lines ;)!! Eat smelt all day and spawn as much as I can! And then when I'm over 50lbs and 100 yrs old have some little 8 yr old kid catch me on his zebco 202 smack me on the head and put me on his wall! ;)2 :%$#!:

Robb :tipup:

now thats good rob. knowing my luck i'll be just a can of worms that get put on your guys hooks.

I would like it to have 15" of ice all the time with a warm breeze with temps in the mid 70's, all our shanty's would be Tiki huts (Fully loaded), and maybe some hula dancers cooking a pig, all the while the walleyes will be waiting for our lines.

A cold, clean, clear stream loaded with wild brookies (none smaller than 12").  My choice of tackle (fly, spin, bait) depending on the mood I'm in.  A well aged bottle of Cognac and a humidor full of fine hand rolled cigars.

Lake or stream raining with rising fish, my choice of tackle and refreshments   ;)2


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