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This term came up in a thread regarding a bait shop owner who passed away some years back. He was one of the "good ol' boys" and although I moved to Germany and the west coast for a large portion of my life I do remember going there as a kid. I was fascinated with his tanks and bait. I usually talked him into letting me have a couple minnows because I couldn't catch any that size...

Anyway- what do you think the perfect afterlife would be for a true angler?
It's just for stupid fun, as we all know that I'll probably be reincarnated as a kitten who gets cruelly tortured by a family of juvenile bullies.  :D

Slipbob has already suggested beer and walleyes. That is a very good start!  :clap:

I would like to add that instead of streets there would be different bodies of water, and everyone has their own boat, waders, and shanty!

Any ideas?

Nice thought Hali-man.

We're already close to Nirvana here in New York.

I'd like a virtual door where I can Ice fish on one side and open-water fish on the other depending what kind of mood I'm in.

And beer and walleyes too.

Heck, lets throw in women on trampolines.

Nirvana?  A cold beer, a trout stream, and a flyrod.

an endless supply of fresh backstraps to grill on the ice as well

hahaha   ill take beer, trout walleye and women that cant talk but love to *&^* oh and the right/ability to fish 24/7 365 :0


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