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Waterfowl and Early Ice

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I wanted to remind everyone that ventures out on early ice to be aware of the waterfowl situation.

just reminding everyone to be on the look out for open water spots created by geese, springs, inlets etc

if im not mistaken... i think there is a spot on conesus lake that is like this too!
it is visible from the lake if you enter from vitale park and look to the ESE side! pretty big hole usually!

thats a good rule of thumb if you see geese in an area stay away.  most of the time its a steam hole.  or just froze up in the last day or two

Caroga Kid:
Good to know, Thanks for the info

There is a lake in this area that almost never freezes because of the darn geese. Too bad too, its a good crappie lake. :-\


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