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Big Buddy Heater keeps turning Off

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One tip guys: Blow out the ceramic heat element with yer air compressor every year. Amazing the crud that collects in there, and will keep it from "taking off". I clean my thermocouple every year with a Q-tip and alcohol, lightly polish with emery cloth if needed, blow out the cermamic element, and in 15 yrs never had an issue. In fact, fired up both yday to heat garage, and heated like a charm!   :)

Sunflower...mic drop.  ;D

hardwater diehard:
Good Video and tip ..filter and proper hose should be part of the Big Buddy tips also


Here is the real fix

blue igloo:

--- Quote from: Itried on Nov 29, 2020, 02:02 PM ---Here is the real fix

--- End quote ---
Well done!
Blue Igloo  :tipup:


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