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Big Buddy Heater keeps turning Off

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+1 for the cleaning being the fix. Mine did the same. Using cheaper propane tank hook up hoses leads to this. Buddy made brand hoses are better and keeping orifices in the heater clean.

i moved the flame sensor closer to the pilot flame. the bracket holding the sensor will allow for this. the heater is a hassle to take apart. i still want to make a bart pilot flame guard.

 i noticed the colder it is, the longer you need to hold the pilot knob down before trying to ignite the pilot.

ungulate72, thanks for joining us! strong first post.

Here’s the real fix


Thank you!

Fabulous video.

Ahh im sbout ready to pull out and do battle with the buddy heaters and go try to get them to light after setting all year.things dont want to light when it gets real cold and thats when i need unreliable for a icefishing heater.


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