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King Salmon


I posted on the MFF forum, wondering if anyone had ever heard of, or have caught a king salmon through the ice? Now thinking about it, I would think that the waters they inhabit during the winter may never freeze over, and if they did, it'd be like trying to ice a trident sub. ;D Anyone ever hear of anything like this?

I had never heard of it till I purchased - Hooked on Ice fishing III: Gamefish,  by Tom Gruenwald.  He's got a whole chapter on it in there.  By the way, that whole series of books is top notch ice fishing reference material.

No sh*t!!! Wow,  :o
So it has been done. The things that go through ones mind. Can you tell i'm bored out of my mind. One more day here in New Zealand, then back to the ice for 2 weeks, then look out Northeast, here I come. ;D
I can't imagine what that dude used to land such a fish through the ice. Musta had cold hands by the time it was over.


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