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Spikes, Waxies etc .

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boss j:
spikes are a thick skined, about 1/2-3/16 long grub. waxxies are about 3/4-1 inch soft skined grub. both work well. i like waxxies, they dont last as long on the hook because they are softer but imo they put out alot more scent and with a larger profile are easier for the fish to see. i have to rebait my jigs often but the fish go on the ice faster...


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Uncle Al:

--- Quote from: Iceshanty on Nov 06, 2005, 07:34 PM ---Some fine perch bait Wigglers and Mousies
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I used mousies years ago when I started fishing because they were cheap. I remember them being a lot smaller than the ones in the pic. We kept them in a small plastic cup with saw dust and a top and carried them in a shirt pocket inside your jacket to keep them warm and alive. I would keep them on a shelf going down the basement in our house, my mom came upstairs one day asking "where did all these fly's come from?" That's when I learned where mousies came from.


--- Quote from: MN Bassfisher on Nov 03, 2010, 02:33 PM ---The sponser Knutson's Live Bait has preserved wigglers.
[I got some preserved wigglers and they turn to mush.Was using them from my boat for crappie in spring.Hard to keep on hook.Waste of about $30 to have them sent to me.Even kept them on ice./quote]
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Spikes, flies, and plastics are my go to bait for panfish, here in Michigan wiggles are for sale everywhere you turn your head.. Never fished with em, I know perch and redears love em.


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