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i fished lonely for the first time this summer and was wondering if there was any public access for the hard water season. i am a catch and release fisherman and saw some nice fish in there this summer and wouldn't mind trying to get to them through the ice. any info would be appreciated. thanks.


i forgot.......its located in Saratoga county


I may be wrong, but I think Lonely is all private. To the best of my knowledge, you need to know someone to get access to it. Some nice fish up there.

yes, you can walk the path right that goes right below Longfellows. there are always cars parked at the gate, and you can walk around and get on the path. But takes you to the back of loney, you are looking at a nice walk to get back up by the outlet. But, yes, again, there are some nice fish in there.
Stay on top!
Watch for the reports, there will be a few that will pop up when there is safe ice.
Good Luck.

call Saratoga Tackle for info and updates, usually there is someone there that can help. 584-3952


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