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It ain't over for the poster boys!!!!!!!!!!

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Went out today in very special location with Mattwood, Upstate, Ozzy and myself and ICED a few nice one's!! Had plenty of ice (14") and the shore was pretty good except for a small crack ;). Matt did fall and get a little wet!! Ozzy's got some nice pics too!! All the fish were about 14"!! Not monsters but we were ice fishing!

Robb :tipup:

Rides into the wilderness!!

Ozzy happy to be back on the ice!!

Upstate with a nice brookie.

Ozzy with a nice one.

Robb with one.

Nice view.

One from the wall!!!

We may even get out next weekend!!!!!!! ;D

Nice fish guys!

Nice fish guys, looks like there's still pretty good ice up there, consider yourself lucky. ;)


very luck we are about out of safe ice except for a couple spots those are nice fish congrats

Ok here's the rest of the pics!!!

Here's Mattwood with a nice rainbow

Robb, Upstate, and Matt with the ones going home with us

Same pic with me in it, it was raining pretty bad all day and even started snowing for a little bit!!

Close up of the fish

And here's the poster pic, and no thats not a booger on my mustache its a snowflake that happened to be flying by at the sametime  ;D

Lets all pray for the cold weather so we can get one more trip up there, had a great time with you guys

                                     Ozzy  :tipup:


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