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It's been a good one guys


Well guys as usual it's been a pleasure.  Ice season is officially over for me and I am looking forward to getting back on this site next season.  This site reminds me that there still are other ethical and goodwilled sportsman out there who like to talk about what's biting and may even give a few pointers to help a fellow angler out.  I appreciate anyone who has posted conditions and reports-THANK YOU.

See you over on

See ya at MFF! 8)


dont forget about huntingforum :tipup:

 OH Yeah!! It was definitely a good one.  Having not done any ice fishing in a few years I had a great time and can't wait till next year.  I already have the wife talked into the portable shanty, vex or aqua-vu, snowmobile.  (he he) more toys!!!  Met some great people because of this site and can't wait to fish some other lakes and different species of fish. 


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