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Slammed the Sumo perch at Lebanon

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A buddy of mine and I whacked 35 perch in 3 hours at Lebanon.My digi camera crap to bed or Id have pics.Most were 13 inchers with 2 15's and several 12's.In 42 feet of water 1 foot off bottom.Hot lure was green glow forage minnow and thin but heavy jigging spoon-well over 15 inches of solid ice-I'll be there tomorrow-best part is I had knee surgery 1 week ago and I was on the ice already-Peace and happy 420 BigD

Good to hear Chuck!  You must have been over by that spot where I was whacking them that morning we were both out.  I've got to work the rest of the week or else I'd be getting out there with you.  With this 60 degree weather we're supposed to get the next couple days I'm afraid the season may be over for me.  Time for the streams.  Is you knee going to be ready for a trip next week?


fish boy:
Good for you Big daddy We never got into them on lebanon but the few we caught were nice!  last time I fished it was two weekends ago and I took a nice rainbow home and had a slammer up to the of the hole but the hook gave way and with 2 lb its amazing i got him that far.  Put my stuff away last weekend.  The new cabinets for the kitchen arrive on Friday I think I'll have enought things to do to keep me busy for a while.  The honey-do list groweth!


i'm down with a friday afternoon trip if anyone wants to hook up and help put me on a good spot..let me know....Keith   (my first trip ever on this body of water)

Let me know when you are gonna be there.I'll try and make it and I can show you a few spots.I live less than a 1/4 mile from there.Practically my backyard-Peace BigD-hey John Dr G said I needed a knee replacement-maybe after ice next season


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