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Officially done

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With the ice rods packed away, I found myself pondering what to do today. Took a ride to my favorite stream and hauled in a nice steelie. Lost a few more but they're running pretty good. Nice feeling to have some fish soaring out of the water and hearing the reel scream. See you on MFF.

Good season this year. Good luck this spring.

congrats hijinks and good luck to you this spring as well :tipup:

My season's done too. Now its my maple syruping season, then onto mud season, then Camping and fishing all summer long!

i love to camp i just wish there was more places to camp that didnt charge

well, I took the auger a part, hung up the sleds, and put the tip-ups and jig pole up, too.
I guess you can say the ice season is completely done with me, Trout season opens tomorrow and the trout stuff is out and ready, minus the new line I have to put on my reels.
What a great ice season and can't wait for the ice again, but till then, I'm al for the open water to come.  ;D
Fish On!


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