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Wahooo! What a day!

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Well, we had a great day on the ice today...FINALLY (and just in time)!  We've had some really good times fishing this season (my first), but I did something today that I have been wanting to do for what seems like a very long time...actually catch some fish!  lol  Sam (Onyunn) & I went out to Lagrange Lake this morning for our last horah of the ice season & I really outdid myself (much to Sam's dismay!).  Caught 3 small mouth, 3 crappy, one really fat perch and a boatload of smaller perch...oh yeah, Sam cought a couple perch too :). 

Just to maintain the smile on my face for the afternoon, we kept my first monster small mouth in one of Sam's famous live wells...he managed to keep his foot out of this one & that monster fish was NOT swimming out of a hole at the bottom like our little school of minnows that got away. 

The fish were biting all morning & we (or I guess I should say "I"...Sam, you gave me poetic license, sweetie) just kept pulling them out one after the was great!  That first bass was incredible and the second a very pleasant surprise.  Things started to slow down by mid-afternoon & we decided to head out...after, of course, just one more try. 

Sam drilled one more hole and before he walked away, I pulled out another crappy and a small mouth!  It was that perfect connection on a golf swing after all those duds!

Well, needless to say this has made my day!  We even managed to get home without any off-road excursions! 

Hope you all had a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the trout opener...that is if Sam will ever take me fishing again!   :-*

Let me be the first to say congratulation's on taking Sam to School..... ;D

Indeed we had a great day.  (Even though she schooled me)

Yeah, so I didn't catch anything but a ton of perch, so what.....I got to stand back and watch my girlfriend, the ice fishing machine in action.  She did so well, well poised if you can say that about ice fishing.  She jigged, she pulled, and iced LOTS of fish.

It seemed like everytime she baited her jig, she pulled another one out of the hole.  Jigging just a few feet away at times, I had nothing and she was iceing fish hand over fist.  Amazing really!  Not only that, we also used identical jigs the entire day.  Must be that famed woman's touch!  I know!

While walking our gear in to the Lake from the car, she found a Wooly Caterpillar, you know the fat furry red ones, she said "I'll bet this will make good bait", sure enough it did, pulled out a few perch and a smallie before it was no more.

It was truly aesome to see her smiling as much as she was today.  We have fished some tough days this season.  We have walked in blizzards, hiked through deep drifts, slipped and fallen on the ice, fallen in live wells, driven off the road at Case, been skunked more than once, and still she perservered.  Today was her day, and I'm happy I was apart of it.  (Will I ever take her fishing again just so she can show me up, I think not!)

Perfect day to the end of our ice fishing season.  I'm sure I'll head out a couple more times, but the next time she and I fish together will be the trout opener.  Looking forward to wading in streams, and and pulling gorgeous browns, rainbows and brookies.

See you all out there!

Thats what fishing is about having fun.Looks like you had a Great day

Looks like a blast! Next year, have him bring you to LAke George for some lakers!



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