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I present for your amazement... Fish-o-tron 2000!

My brother made this in college for a microprocessor course. This was a long time ago- probably 1987 or 88

The board is all made with wire wrap, so I am pretty sure it will never work again, but it was pretty clever for it's day.

The stepper motor drives an old zebco reel

It also had programmable jigging patterns, and depth from bottom. That was all entered into the front panel.

So far as I know, he never caught a fish on it, but was able to demonstrate that it could do all of the functions well enough to get a good grade in the class. As with most things ahead of their time, it was not practical, or probably even legal, but I thought it was a good example of the diabolical creativity of ice fishermen.
, and the line first goes through a tension measurer- basically a set of 3 guides, the center one on the arm of a limit switch. When the line is tight, the limit switch is closed. This is used to find bottom: Lower until the line goes slack, that is the bottom.

The next guide would be like the tip top on a normal rod- it is mounted to a piezo crystal, and when there are tugs/vibration on the line, the piezo crystal creates a voltage, and the controller knows there is a bite, and reels in the fish.

You can also see the optical sensor that senses the sinker is brought up to the surface, which then triggers an alarm to wake up the bored fisherman, whose only job is to re-bait the hook and push the button to send it down for another fish.


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