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P Gottshall:

That's a good idea.  I'd post that in the main forum if I were you!


Little Brown Dog:
Here is a smelt rig I made up to hook on one of the poles of my portable.  Also works for perch and crappie.

Just a bent coat hanger with an old tip-up line spool.  The spool slides to the right to lower the line.  Then slides left and the end of the wire goes in the holes on the spool to keep it from moving.  I put a stopper on the pole to keep the whole thing from sliding down.  Caught a few perch with it this weekend.

P Gottshall:


Oh i have tons of inventions that i will share with you at some time.we have a portable home built shack that has a 3/4 inch plywood make it slide very easy we laid 2x4 along the bottom laying flat.then we cut 4inch plastic pipe(the white stuff for underground)in half lengthways.we stretched the pipe over the 2x4s and screwwed them on to the side of the slides so well that we have to shore the sides to stop it from blowing awesome for pulling by hand as requires vertually no labour at all.bye for now!!!!!!

ice fishNH:
Just wanted to show the contraption I came up with this fall for smelting out of the shanty.  I rigged up a pvc stand/platform for my smelt jig sticks to lay across the tops of the holes.  Once I drop the lines down in the hole, all I have to do is pick up the pvc stand and lift it up and down periodically to jig all of the lines at the same time.  I have used it a few times already with some limited success (only 2 smelt so far), but should work great once the smelt are in the area.

Oh - the green glow is my optronics fish light that is down the hole also.


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