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Lets see some pictures of your Kids catch. We definatly need to give them the kudos for getting out there and doin it..
Lets keep this thread to pictures..  JT

Diver Down:
Heres a pic of my son, with a 2 lb bluegill he caught last yr..... Im taking him and my daughter tomorrow, for our 1st visit to the magic pond this yr. post more pics later

This is recent. Christmas day, the ol lady gave me that look as we loaded the truck. Didnt ruin the boys fun :D
Zepernick Lake Channel cat

Ice'n doubles

Here is a picture from a 12 3/4 crappie caught from the north end of Mosquitoe.

Here's my niece, Matty on her 1st Ice Fishing venture, Jan 2014,. Nimisila Reservoir/Portage Lakes/NE Ohio

Here's some of one of the hardest ice fisherman I know


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