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Each year I notice members posting the modifications they do to their sleds .. jet sleds or others. I thought by posting a "SLED MODS" thread we would have an area where members could show their ingenuity and others could learn.  ;)

I only did minor, light weight mods to mine but I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Doug >))))>

Did the bucket mod a few weeks back. The buckets carry my minnows, tackle, rod holders, misc. clothing, fish etc ......but they take up way to much space in the sled and they are always sliding around. I took a couple of wall angle brackets, a piece of unistrut, and a couple horsefeed bucket holders to make it. I also mounted some rod holders on the inside to keep them from geting damaged and tangled. The buckets are secured and you can go up and down some pretty steep hills without worring about things falling out. I now have the entire sled open for my power auger and flasher. It added a few pounds but there was no way I was going to get everything in the sled.

walleye tattoo:
Out on the ice the buckets would be racing across the ice at record past the sled would be full of snow and ice this was all in a twenty four time frame. It may be just me but after years the sled is always covered with every thing inside never mind when the wind took the sled past the atv rear tires and flipped the sled every thing went flying anyway.
Not trying to be a kill joy but maybe it is just me every time out is an adventure.PS this past weekend the minnow bucket was lost $160 okley sunglasses and who knows what else.


It sounds like you need a heavier sled .. maybe a wooden sled on ski's. You're also using an ATV so the weight doesn't matter to you.
Quite a few of us are on foot and we try to keep the weight down. I keep my bucket/seat secured in my sled just for the reason you described. I'll try to take some pics later.

I'll post pictures of mine in a couple of days. Working on a few more changes then should be good to go. Doesn't help my Nils/ Tanaka setup isn't here yet so I can truely finish up the mounting system.



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