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--- Quote from: 1MOFISH on Sep 22, 2009, 12:27 AM ---  Was truly amazed to find out that I could get the most minnows in the first hour, leaving them overnite, (they are smart, I watched them go in and out of the trap), you usually end up with a trap full of giant bait because they can't get back out.  Yes, the cat food does work for every species, but you could have phenomenal luck using cheese, the only problem, it soils the water a ton.  that's why I use the the cat food, just for scent, so I don't soil my water. Where do you live? It could determine the species of bait available to you.

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Mo , I live in southeastern NH.  I had always thought that many minnows would swim into trap, eat bait , and then swim out. Plenty of empty mesh bags (i put the dawgfood in em) to support that theory. I am mostly looking for large and xtra large bait. Sum of the rodnreel caught creekchubs I have in the tank approach 11-12". I have been lucky ,in that I have lost no traps to punks/thieves yet.  I struck out when I checked my traps in neighboring town today , so I snatched em up and beat feet for home. I tossed em in my pond , where I can keep an eye on em till I move em to thier weekend spots. Got a few questions about the seining process. Do you leave the seine in one place , and then make a ruckus upstream while heading downstream towards the net?
I`m gonna try it in the river/stream and see if there are suckers! A simple explanation would be cool. TY ROTT

i would trap anywhere where the water is slack,out of the current,suckers are bottom feeders so you need to be to seining yes both ways work i walk till i find a riffle or pinch point hold seine till the minnows run back down strean into seine lift and dump also the drivin them to you works need 2 people,does pond have a creek flowin in it thats a good spot plus up stream in any deep holes.also your area is prime for chubs find a cool feeeder crick hot spot   good luck    mo

I`ll give it a shot, the seining, and yer right , plenty of chubs rite next to the house about 30 yards! Hoping there are suckers in there too. My pond is starting to produce abit. Nice healthy common shiners, pond is real clean.
Today`s haul -not alot but nice healthy critters ,after all it`s walkin distance from the front door!

that is some nice bait closer to home the better       mo

Yup ,right out the front door! My 2 golden Shiner spots are 30 minutes one way! Caught this 6" Shiner in the pond and these 2 creekchubs with rodnreel while I moved a trap over to the river today. Tossed a can o catfood in there , per yer instructions. Come on suckas!



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