Author Topic: Sizing our first permanent shack  (Read 533 times)

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Sizing our first permanent shack
« on: Dec 30, 2010, 02:25 PM »
Looking for thoughts and experiences from folks on what is the ideal size for a permanent shack.  My father-in-law wanted to try one this year so he borrowed an old unit from a friend and he's hooked.  The only problem is that the owner of the shack is about 5'8" and the men in our family are all 6'4"+.  Needless to say, quarters are cramped!  With that in mind, here are some other considerations to take into account:

1) The house will have to accomodate at least three adults, or one adult and four kids, maybe five.
2)  We really don't need anything other than room to sit and fish, but want to be able to do so comfortably.  Really don't need counter space, bunks etc.
3)  Want to keep weight reasonable so that if in a worst case scenario, we could pull it by hand.  Over the course of the winter months, we have at least one thaw that can wreak havoc when things re-freeze on a permanent shack.  Also going from good ice to really bad ice can occur over the course of a day or two so I want to be able to move it quickly if necessary.

I'm thinking 5'x10' might be a good size and still fit on a trailer to haul to/from and store on.

This is virgin territory for us so feel free to provide any insight you might have, thanks!

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Re: Sizing our first permanent shack
« Reply #1 on: Dec 30, 2010, 02:47 PM »

An Option You Might Consider is to get a Clam Corp Command Post Ice Fishing Shelter or Similar Make and it sounds to me that they will fit your Fishing Requirements and Conditions Perfectly.

Six Foot Wide X 12 Foot Long and 84 Inches High and can fish 6 people comfortably inside.
Biggest Bonus is it only weighs 45 lbs and can be set up in less then 5 minutes which makes moving it a breeze.

Fish Safe For Your Loved Ones

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Re: Sizing our first permanent shack
« Reply #2 on: Dec 31, 2010, 08:56 AM »
Always go bigger, you'll regret it if you don't
He'll be back

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Re: Sizing our first permanent shack
« Reply #3 on: Dec 31, 2010, 09:33 AM »
I would find a friend that has a open snowmobile trailer and measure it up to see how big you can make your shanty. From my experience 6' wide is not really big enough. A normal size man fishing with a 24" jig rod needs 4' of room from the wall out to the far edge of his hole. Just food for thought.


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