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Ice Fishing New York / Re: Spring edibles foraging
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 04:57 AM »
Got two nice ones last evening..

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by ICE WANDERER on Today at 04:49 AM »

                Good morning ER's,
                          It's 41* and partly cloudy here on my hill. ::)
                          Steve.......It's good to hear that the gas prices are going down a little more, but just a reminder, come Jan. 1st the gas tax is back here
                in NY. :cookoo: :%$#!:
                          H2l..........I'm glad your back is better, but sorry that your team met a tough team at the lanes. :whistle:
                          Wally........I'd be happy to wash your windows at $25 per hour. Plus mileage. :roflmao:
                          Raquette..You escaped that one. :blink:
                          I-45.........I took the weather cat to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast then we went to my #2 son's house. My DIL got off work at 11:30 and
               she took me to lunch at a new dining place in town. The 4 hrs. was killed. :thumbsup:
                          Marv........I hope you got some much needed rest. :unsure:
                          Eddie.......It's good that your son has you to help out watching his dog. :clap: Talk about coincidences. :woot:
                          Fish.........Sorry to read that the cranes weren't cooperating and that you just got a warning. :whistle: Good luck in the high country. :thumbsup:
                          After I got home yesterday, I had to air out the house, wipe down surfaces, then I changed a circulator on my inside boiler, the check valve
                wasn't holding and hot water was backing up the other direction. but when I turned on the circulator, an older one I had, it didn't circulate. So
                back at it this morning.
                          I hope everyone has a good Tuesday either at work or out. Stay Safe and Healthy.


Ice Fishing New York / Re: How cold is it?
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 04:43 AM »

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by masoneddie on Today at 04:24 AM »
Good Morning Everyone,
  Cloudy and 46* high of 56 today.

  Steve…how sad about the father losing his life..let’s just hope there’s a life sentence pushed for those scumbags and not the revolving door that seems to be the norm here in New York.  :%$#!:
  I-45…sending best wishes on those constant headaches, hope the sleep test reveals something significant to identify the problem.  :thumbsup:
  Dom…had a very similar experience heading to work in the wee hours of the morning,  only vehicle on the road with a young sheriff…52 in a 45 going down hill and mentioned I never touched my brakes until he threw the lights on. Asked me what the hurry was…told him a 12 hour day ahead just trying to keep food on the table and a roof over the families head. Ran a quick check and just told me to slow down.  :thumbsup:
  FH4…understand your frustrations, glad you had all your bases covered and no tickets issued! Best of luck with todays trip and a successful hunt, will be looking forward to hearing about your adventure!   :clap: :thumbsup:
  Wally…Congratulations to the grandchildren with their competitions and glad you had a nice time together!  :bow:  Absolutely beautiful pictures of the sunset, thanks for sharing and welcome home!  :clap: :thumbsup:
  H2…glad you were up to bowling and no back issues afterwards! Better luck next weekend taking all the points!   :thumbsup:
  Marv…good news on the tree jobs and freeing up your calendar!  :clap:  Had a few family members who had to cancel out on the orchard trip, so I took a pass as well. Word was it was packed and pricey…$30 for a half bushel bag to pick your own, $10 dozen for cider doughnuts.
  Jeff…glad you were able to finish up the window job and hopefully those little invaders in your home are all gone now!  :thumbsup:  The pork loin was a big hit, barely any leftovers!!  ;D
  Bud…enjoy the new burn pit!  :clap:  A few key items to keep in stock…marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and hotdogs… ;D
  Dave…hope all is well and we see you posting again soon Sir!   :thumbsup:

  Have been watching one of my sons Great Danes daily while he works for the last week since his other had passed. She fits right in here with my other two dogs and you can tell how happy she is not to be alone.
  Had something special happen yesterday morning before taking them all out for their morning walk. I always ask them who wants to take a walk out in the garden and say hello to Nakita and Cody…our past 4 legged family members who are resting where they once ran about.
  I no sooner got those words out of my mouth when my phone pinged…it was a memory of several pictures that occasionally happens with my phone. I opened the album to find pictures of Cody and my other dogs out and about in the garden together. Be it by coincidence or maybe a sign, it was a pretty awesome happenstance that stopped me in my tracks.  I shared that immediately with my wife and sent a message with the album out to the kids…can’t explain it and won’t try to, but it was well received!  :thumbsup:   Cawfee’s on…
  Have a great day all, be safe, best of luck to those fishing/hunting!

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Cheaters
« Last post by ICE WANDERER on Today at 04:20 AM »

             It sure sure surprises me that they thought they would get away with it. I thought tournament rules the fish had to be alive. :blink:

Hardwater Cuisine / Re: Whatcha makin' for lunch or dinner today?
« Last post by filetandrelease on Oct 03, 2022, 10:56 PM »

Grilled London broil , loaded baked with a sprinkle of fresh chives , broccoli

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Cheaters
« Last post by Baetis62 on Oct 03, 2022, 09:15 PM »
They'll be running for congress soon?
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by mr.clean on Oct 03, 2022, 08:48 PM »
Good evening,overcast sky all day but no rain. Sadly the gun violence continued over the weekend her in Mid Hudson River valley of NY. This past Sunday morning shooting at hotel in Poughkeepsie (Dutchess county) left the father of a Marist College student dead. It was Marist annual Fall Parents weekend. Two homeless men arrested one charged with murder the other having a weapon with removed serial number. , A 9mm handgun and a rifle found at scene. While doing investigation police also found bomb making materials some how this is also connected to the homeless men. Few other details released to Media as of press time. I will leave a link for those interested.  I better news gas price is down to $3.40 /gallon at some stations in my area. Also starting to see some color change in tree leaves.
IFF nice to have a fire pit for brush burning and general entertainment.
Ice Wanderer may the water temperature not be to chilly this weekend as the two of you remove the docks. Before long you will be raking up your own and others downed leaves.
Whopper Stopper good to read the tree jobs went well for you. Enjoy the lazy day/days.
Hunts2long I guess other the course of season you will run into a hot team or bowler. Glad your back is doing better.
Wallyworld nice you got to watch a competitive hockey game and your grandchild's team was able to play to a tie. Congratulations to your granddaughter and her teammates on the fifth place finish at the regatta. I'm surprised the held the races with wind gusts so high in speed. Thank you for posting sun set photos.
Icefisher-45 may thr sleep test yield some new information to doctors which helps yield to better days for you.
fish/hunt4ever glad you only received a verbal warning i assume you have driven on this track before without a problem.  To bad the cranes were not that active. Best to you and your family during time spent Elk/Deer hunting on the mountain.
Raquettedacker happy to hear you also received a verbal warning and no ticket.

  link to newspaper website and Poughkeepsie shooting story.

Stay safe,keep healthy. best to all fishing and hunting.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Cheaters
« Last post by meandcuznalfy on Oct 03, 2022, 08:08 PM »
My apologies about taking the $$ & running. Ethics are ethics & i hold mine sacred also.
Your good, sure nobody on here would stoop to that level, understand it's sarcasm.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Cheaters
« Last post by Ronnie D on Oct 03, 2022, 07:54 PM »
My apologies about taking the $$ & running. Ethics are ethics & i hold mine sacred also.
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