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I called an audible friday night

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Wize Wasp:
So i made a last minute change and decided to go fish onota lake saturday.  Im glad i did.  There was 3.5 inch of solid black ice with 3.5 inch of white ice on top.  It was worth the 2.5hr drive.  Me and my son both caught our first pike through the ice.  His was a 27inch on a shiner and mine was 24 inch on a shiner. It usually pays o to go out and scout a (new to you) lake.  Im sure there are lots of reports on onota here but im new to ice shanty and took a chance because we didn't want to drive all the way to northern maine to find ice.   We had a great night camping on the ice. The weather was calm and not to cold.  We didn't get into any smelt but i learned a few things from the local fishermen.  Thank you to those that share the hard eared knowledge. We are looking forward to getting some colder weather ahead.  Hopefully we can get back there again this year. Tight lines to all. :tipup:

That's awesome!

Heading out there Saturday night to fish overnight. Got my first pike there years ago nice 12lber to the right of the ramp. Thanks for the ice update looks like you had a good time fishing

Outstanding report  :tipup:

Congratulations to you and your son!


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