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Burbot bait flaming gorge.

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I have fished burbot several times at the gorge and have done fair to poor 15-5 fish a night. Iíve used dead minnows and sucker/chub meat as everyone suggests. But Iíve always wondered if anyone has ever tried crawdads??? Every burbot I have caught has been full of them. Thought about trapping some through the ice (on the gorge) and using them for bait. Seems like it would work to me. Let me know your thoughts or experience.

I'm sure it would work fine. Not sure if it's legal to trap for them in the Gorge. WY GF seems to have quite a lock on bait trapping and such. Otherwise I'm sure it would work for everything. I've used them in KH in the summer and caught everything on them (rolled rocks over to catch plus I have a seining permit for KH). Might try some crawdad power bait with crawfish sent. When around crawdad eating walleye I will use a small crawdad plastic on a crawler harness and craw fish sent catches a bunch of fish.

Carp is a better bait than sucker, because it stays on the hook better.

You just can't find carp in stores.

Uncooked salad shrimp can also work in lieu of crawdads.

You can soak the bait in anise fish smelly jelly as well.

Probably gone are the days of 100 burbot nights at the gorge, unless you get very fortunate on a particular evening.

First safe ice at Firehole is a good bet to get into high fish nights.

Other than that you have to find them.

Places like firehole or lost dog get hammered during the winter and the fish can get a bit thin or shy the longer the season goes.

Sometimes, fish refuse to hit a dead stick and want it jigged.

Sometimes, fish are attracted by your jig and hit the dead sticks.

Sometimes, fish hit it after a reglow or hit the tube jigs with glow sticks inside of them.

Sometimes, the fish hit the non glow jigs.

You are allowed up to 6 poles and I would have six different combinations on the pole.

Until they lock in onto one of the lures or one of the depths.

We have had 24 poles in a grid pattern before and it seemed like only 3 of them ever got bit.

The other thing I would recommend is to be careful with your lantern / light.

A lot of time, the ones on the outskirts of the light source are the ones bit.

It is fishing, so the more times you venture out the more that you learn.

The more you learn, the more you will have to try things to adapt to what the fish want on that particular night.

Good info, thanks for sharing.

I have had excellent success with Crawdads. If I happen to reel one up or if a Burbots belly is full of crayfish a tail goes on the hook. Trap in summer and freeze for POUT action when its Hard water. CRAWFISH YES.


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