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Anyone use this tech? whats your thoughts and how effective is it on lets say a normal depth and size lake.

A few discussions about it here...

I use it and absolutely love it. Target bluegill through the ice. When I fish shallow water about 7’ or less it is limited to how far you can see out. When I am in 15-20’ of water then i can see out 80’ no problem. Definitely makes it nice to have a machine to get you around the lake if you aren’t seeing fish with it. If there are fish around, you will find them, but I have had days were I have searched and searched and still not come across much fish.

I recently got Livescope and after getting it all set up i took it to a local pond just to try it out off of a dock.  little tungsten jigs show up very good in the 10-12ft range.  I couldn't check deeper regrettably.  I am excited to try it on the ice this year and the boat in the spring.  My buddies like to say "we" got livescope :)

Used my friends a few times, found it way too easy and unrewarding.  Took away from the ‘hunting’ and ‘surprise’ element.  Was thinking about purchasing one but I’ll stick with a flasher.  To each his own.


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