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Does anyone else hear the robust lady singing?

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If not, you probably will before the week is out.

Check out my post about Pelham Lake in Rowe - - where I was pleasantly surprised to find 18+ inches of ice today.

I found 16 in the Pittsfield area today but the edges were sketchy in spots.

The FAT LADY will be SINGING very loud THIS WEEK of 50/60 F weather here in MASS. and with the HIGHER GAS prices it will be the FINAL. I got a lot of good memories  of this season...NEW stuff that worked..The BIG ones that got away...the smell of fish frying....and talking with a bunch of GOOD guys on-line...and of course the thoughts / hope of the next ice fishing season and at my age its not at the PEARLY GATES...LOL

I got new hearing aids. I heard her 2 weeks ago


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