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Blade Sharpening?


Does anyone know where I can get my ice auger blades sharpened in the Connecticut River valley. Say between Agawam and Greenfield or the other side of the river?

Valley Machine Knife Corp.
West Springfield, MA
$10 a blade for shavers (Mora)

Google "Franks Great Outdoors" and then search, "Strikemaster Lazer Delux ice auger sharpener".  Frank's currently sells them for $7.99.  If you get one make sure that you orientate the sharpener to the correct blade angle before using it.  I make three passes on each blade before using my auger for the day and I always have sharp blades.  I put the sharpener in my tackle box so I have it if needed.  The key is to keep them sharp, if you let them get dull, you'll be buying new ones or you'll be paying for someone else to sharpen them.  Hopefully this helps.


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