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Greenwater pond


Anyone been by Greenwater in the past couple days?  Last trip of year tomorrow and thinking about there instead of Otis. Any info would be appreciated

No idea on current ice conditions but fished it mid February. It had been 27 years since I had fished it.  We did ok on trout with one really nice one 5 feet down over deep water. Picked up a few more tight to route 20 where the little stream flows in. Spent a lot of time looking for smelt. Used to be a good lake like 30 years ago and did jig a few, but lots of stunted perch made smelt fishing tough. Also jigged a decent smallmouth which I donít remember being in there 27 years ago 😂

First to freeze next to shaw and last to ice out.  Edges can be tough.  Saw guys on it 2 weeks ago.  Its worth a go as Shaw is a decent backup.

checked on littleville yesterday.  You couldn't get on right at the ramp as its all broken up but there was still close to a foot of ice although the top layer was getting grey.  Edges on greenwater would be my only concern but should be ice once you are out there although the quality might not be the best.


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