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--- Quote from: fishercat on Mar 13, 2022, 06:33 PM ---The one problem with that is common sense went out in the 80ís

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.   Thatís for sure, Iím a older model way before the 80ís !! Lol

We had 3 feet of ice here a week ago.  I won't go out any more this season.  The temps are in the 40's or 50's this week and the sun is higher.

People say "there's plenty of ice", but it's not the thickness that matters.  You can have 3 ft of rotten ice.  We were safely driving on it last week, but it was cold then.

I was on 8 inches the other day, then I drilled a hole in a spot the sun had been beating on and it was 1 inch thick. I have no idea how I didn't fall through. But that was enough for me to call it a season in my area. The sun is just too strong now, it will eat up the ice on a 25 degree day.

I was on about a foot or more of ice today in northern MA with almost half of it being granulated and soft and the rest good. BUT it was warm on the ice and the sun is high for sure. The one thing that saves ice till the very end this time of year is elevation. That fights of warmth and sun for a while at the end of each season. But the Spring always wins in the end.

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I read the ice and itís says
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