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Stop and READ the ICE....

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Some times I am guilty about rushing out on to the ice and punching that first hole...but in the late season I have to stop that type of action/feelings......yesterday when the snow was gone from the pond I was fishing and I had just jigged up a 20" pickerel and was having a cup of coffee and i notice  the pressure cracks in the ice had small holes leaking water. They seem to great larger 2 hrs. later when I cleared off the ice.  I guess its hard to call it a day with some thing you love to do makes you Stop..What do you guys think????

Sam Gee:
Safety first ALWAYS on the ice.

We still have 6 of good ice as of today if you have a 12 ft plank its will be ending soon,so enjoy the last of it.

I almost went out yesterday to check the ice and maybe fish but instead I went out and bought freshwater bass tackle. Thinking ahead  ;D

Safety first on early, late and mid season ice.
Conditions change and so does the ice.
As said numerous times before, better safe than sorry.

Might be "planking" time, for as long as it's safe to do so....


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