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Knot there yet:
Is it wrong to pike fish
1)at fist ice out?
2)while spawning ?
I donít jack largemouth or smallmouth off beds  doesnít seam sporting.
Some states donít let you pike fish during spawning. Whatís the rules here in MA ?
And other states?

Once the ice is gone they are done spawning in most places. So if you think your targeting them in open water during the spawn, you really are not.  I know some spots they are in the spawing spots and are already close.  Should you target spawning fish?  I personaly avoid it because pre and post spawn fishing can be where its at. What other people do is up to them.

Steve H.:
I've done best a couple weeks after ice out, not immediately.  I think the water needs to come up a few degrees to get their metabolism going a bit to feed more aggressively (big shiners, suckers, and artificials) after the spawn.  After a bunch of seasons, I honed my spot down to Mother's Day weekend.   

Water temp can go down post spawn and they will still eat.  Theu dont hit anything during the spawn.


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