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The One that Got Away


I ice fished Cheshire Lake (2nd Lake - - along the western shore about 1/2 way south of the causeway) with my friend Brian from 9 AM to 4 PM today.

The weather was ideal - - sunny, blue skies, little to no wind, with temps ranging from 24 (when we arrived) to 38 degrees (when we left).

There weas about 5 inches of snow over 8 inches of ice.

Fishing overall was solid albeit not spectacular. 

We caught about a dozen fish - - a mix of sunfish, perch, pickerel and bass - - on a mix of jigging, dead sticking and tip ups. 

Nothing big, but it was fun nonetheless.

There were lots and lots of fishermen out there, but (as far as I could tell) no one seemed to be catching impressive sizes or numbers of fish.

Lunch was pleasant - - a beef-and-vegetable stir fry (with a dash dandelion wine, sofrito, recaito and sriracha), cholle (an Indian curry dish), an apple, a bottle of Guiness, a pot of coffee and a rasperry paczki - - followed by a Don Lugo cigar. 

The most memorable moment of the day (at least for me) was around 3 PM. 

I was jigging on a relatively light rod-and-reel combo set up for perch, sunfish or small bass (using a ball jig baited with a nightcrawler segment), when something absolutely slammed the end of my line.

A half minute long fight ensued before the fish finally snapped my line.   (Frankly, I was surprised I was able to play him that long).

From the way it fought, I assume the fish was either a really big (5+ pound) bass or maybe even a pike. 

Whatever the critter was, it will haunt my dreams for nights to come.

Those events that keep us comimg back Jim. 

It is better to have hooked and lost than to have never hooked at all...


--- Quote from: stripernut on Mar 06, 2022, 07:14 AM ---It is better to have hooked and lost than to have never hooked at all...

--- End quote ---

Yes those type of moments really sting. Had good 24” plus pickerel brake off at the hole the other day and had to bite my tongue. Just have to get after ‘‘em next time


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