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Is Corn the real trout Killer under the ice

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To be honest, I assume most of these plastics come from anglers just tossing them after a catch since the plastic is all torn up? The only time I actually lose plastics is if Iím snagged , or, I could count on one hand the amount of times Iíve caught a fish and itís swallowed the bait but the hook was still there. Ragged worn out plastics return to the backpack where I take them home and intend on tossing them, but laziness ensues and I always just end up with a mess of useless plastics that remain in the backpack.

Yamamotos are one of the best plastics out there, but I donít use them because of how soft they are; they tend to shear off after one catch, and they arenít cheap.  Zoom is my go to because theyíre cheaper and last longer.

I always toss my butts in the water guess i should re think that one

Here are some figures....Good/Bad...The bad first.......of the 300 tons of plastic manufactured  10-12 million are SPL  (soft plastic lures). SPL's have been around since 1949...N. Creme invented them.....The bulk of that 10-12 million tons will  end up in the bottom of a some form of water so every SPL  you see at Walmart the results of 31 trout with 4 having SPL's  was almost the same study done in Canada on lake the Good,,,,WAX WORMS EAT PLASTIC........ LOL...LOL.

Dont care about trout eating corn.  The ones that do are usually allways inbred tank scrubbers.  Pets for googans to chase and feel like they are good at catching trout.

Mammals or birds getting hurt by plastics(real or fake) will be what gets a ban on plastics.
General public is not worried about fish.


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