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Is Corn the real trout Killer under the ice

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This subject came up under a  topic  I started about Chumming and It hits a sore spot with me. I don't know if trout die eating corn because I never caught one with corn in it and I caught my fair share of stock rainbows BUT HERE IS MY SORE SPOT....of the 31 rainbow trout I caught ice fishing  4 of them had BASS PLASTIC WORMS IN THEM?|!!!!!!There bellies were swollen...You guys know what I. talking about I did not eat those trout. They eat those bass worms full of scents and chemicals. I see those bass worms all over the shore line all puffed up in the summer time   I can see it coming down the pike guys....Bass Worms and all those plastic baits  will go the way of the lead sinkers. I'll get down from the soap box...Take care keep jigging Guys.

Yeah, that's been about as popular as the bait-container tossing crowds.
Yet these turds will be the first to complain about "their rights" to fish when spots get closed because of "their" littering/polluting.

Maybe the manufacturers could develop a safe biodegradable lure, one that is made of an inert mixture, so that if it were eaten by fish it would be harmless (except for not being digestible).

trout will eat all kinds of stuff. i have found lots plastics, leaves, rocks, sticks, cig butts........... i still eat them though :P

They already have biodegradable ones.  They are more expensive but worked just as well IMO.  I can't say I don't throw my share of wacky rigged yamamotos but would be nice to see a large company come out with a biodegradable version.

I think that corn/trout thing is just a stupid myth that won’t die.  Plastic baits on the other hand…


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