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I prefer to be quite near the hole if the flag is up.  With that said, I will walk to each hole once or twice per hour on a slow day. Just to wake the bait up. Usually just walking next to the hole you will see your bait take off from the slightest crunch of ice or heavy steps. 

Atta Boy!:
Not right next to the hole but on slow days I'll pound the ice with a small hatchet.  Seems to work every time.  So much so I have had my buddies ask if they can borrow the lucky hatchet on days I can't make it.  Hmm...

I'll have to try the hatchet trick.  A colling fan on a truck seems to do it for pike.  Every time it kicked in a flag went up.

So my first time hardwater trout fishing ever, I caught both rainbows as I approached the trap to check the bait.  I have no idea if the sound of my cleats caused the fish to bite, or they were hooked and swam away when they heard the noise. 

When my boys and their friends are skating, I can see the perch on the underwater certainly swim away and scatter.  Once the noise stops, they come right back to where they were.



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