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Anyone been on lake buel since the warm spell. Went a few weeks and from the ice that was still there after that warm spell Iím guessing it would be fine.  There was 13-14 inches of black ice then

Not safe anymore unfortunately

Did you mean the one in Monterey/new Marlborough, went there and it was locked up good. About 12 inches of ice, edges were soft just a few feet out.  I jigged one rainbow trout and caught a couple pickerel after many flags. My girlfriend jigged up a rainbow, a brookie, a mix of a half dozen sunfish, and two pickerel.  She killed it

Good going, Mogli!

I'm glad to hear you and your girlfriend had a more productive day on the ice than I did.

Thanks, hope your luck changes the next time out.  Had a ok day at Cheshire reservoir(north end) for the afternoon yesterday.  I got two pickerel and two bass on tip ups and she got a bass and a perch off tip ups and a perch jigging. One pickerel sat on our spot not biting but just going between our jigs for hours. Killed the action but the wind and snow were fun to watch.


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