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Drill in your ice anchors

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Lol, cuzn alfy thought his little 4 wheeler would hold his shack, evidently it was a bit light and blew him halfway across a lake, would have loved to see that.

i run the strikmaster lite flite drill auger so im super lazy and use my 20v drill to put my stakes in. but i agree 100% always put a few in.

Born Late:

--- Quote from: pmmpete on Jan 19, 2022, 05:33 PM ---If you look for a used brace, look carefully at the chuck, as that is the part of a brace which is most likely to be defective.

--- End quote ---
Be aware that many older bit braces had something other than the now more standard 3-jaw chuck. Youíre unlikely to have a tight fit between brace and anchor tool if itís not a 3-jaw. As suggested, make sure itís functional before you get on the ice.

I carry the bit brace setup when Iím shaving weight for a long hike and/or in deep snow. I love rechargeable gear but my list of things to remember to plug in the night before an outing is getting pretty long. One less powered item is a good thing.

Since i use my dewalt as my auger, I just use 3/8 x 4-1/2" lag bolts with 2" fender washers. At the time i couldn't find the eskimo bit in stock anywhere.

FYI, the HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Drill Tool Adapter AIT-1 works well with the Eskimo anchors.  Just be sure to keep you hands clear of the wide anchors as you drill (as with all of these adapters).

I agree, always put one anchor in prior to popping up the sides.  And then always put at least a couple anchors in, in case the wind picks up later.


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