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Drill in your ice anchors

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--- Quote from: MontanaFisherman on Jan 21, 2022, 12:28 PM --- At the time i couldn't find the eskimo bit in stock anywhere.

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They are still hard to find, as of this season anyway. There is a seller on ebay selling a no-name version, looks like a copy of the Eskimo except it's black and not red. Fit my Eskimo anchors fine, in case anyone else is looking, I think it was $12.50 shipped.

Anyone tried a speed wrench with a socket? Have to think it would work as well as the brace bit.


--- Quote from: jrjach75 on Jan 21, 2022, 03:17 PM ---Anyone tried a speed wrench with a socket? Have to think it would work as well as the brace bit.
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The problem with the speed wrench idea is that while the shaft of my Clam ice anchor adapter fits into a 9mm socket, it also falls right out of the socket when I point the adapter at the ground, and could fall off a speed wrench and get lost in snow.  In order to use a speed wrench and a 9mm socket to drive in your ice anchors, you'd need to come up with a way to fix the adapter into the socket, such as epoxy or duct tape.  The advantage of using an electric drill or a brace to drive in ice anchors is that the chuck of a drill or a brace will hold the adapter firmly.

--- Quote from: Nitz on Jan 21, 2022, 02:36 PM ---FYI, the HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Drill Tool Adapter AIT-1 works well with the Eskimo anchors.
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Nitz, thanks for mentioning the HT Enterprises adapter,  I wasn't previously aware of it.  I've added a link to that adapter to my initial post in this thread.

Has anybody tried using these? These screws are very sharp. I am a camper and they look a bit like tent pegs---I would put them in on a 45 deg angle as is usually done for tent pegs. My buds and I rarely use the tent for fishing. I bought 4 of them and have screwed then into the ice easily with a small drill just to check them out, but have not used them while fishing yet


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