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Some people are clueless!

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Rock Creek, as in the stream? Or Rock Creek, as in the Fort Peck access?

Oh, my bad ..he is most certainly is talking about Ft. Peck....Being 550 miles away from Peck. I always see it as some mystical  place where monster fish are caught. it might as well be in my dreams. I hope to get there someday. possibly in open water season.

B bob:
Fort Peck. 

I was just as shocked as you CCC.  The beauty of Rock Creek (the stream) is that you can fish it and stand a good chance at having it to yourself this time of year.  If I showed up there in the middle of February and saw 26 vehicles in one lot...well I don't know if I'd be depressed or steamed, lol.

You could start talking about it on the internet for all to see. Maybe make a rock creek fishing Facebook page? That will help get the parking lot full. I bet the last few comments brought people over to fish the stream


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