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This used to be my favorite website. Things really Died down. What happened?

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Never thought climate change could be part of it, in my area ice fishing is growing, so youíd think activity would pick up.
Social media and especially Facebook groups are where people are posting now. If you ask my kids what a message board is, I donít think they would know what I was talking about. Most people Iím seeing post on FB donít want reviews or tips, they want to know exactly where to go what bait, etc.
it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years, of all the younger people I know, say ages 15-24, they donít use Facebook and have no interest. Maybe people will migrate back to message boards(?)

I dont really post anywhere but here and catfish1.and its never lake names or spots.i will give tips and techniques here and more if i see a guy struggle at a lake.thats the first step in fishing.get in yer ride,get to the lake and try fishing.i have zero tolerance for a couch hot spot lurker that wants to put in no effort and waits for someone to drop a hot bite and name the lake.i think thats why new members dont like it here,most of us are seasoned and know better to post all that on the web.and most have been here so long that we are internet buds and just shoot the sh$t about anything.i just joined fb again, but just for airbrush and lure making.few other not into drama or i will delete fb again.

SalmonAndStriper Stalker:
I mean it is an ice fishing forum and there is no ice


--- Quote from: SalmonAndStriper Stalker on Jan 03, 2022, 08:23 AM ---I mean it is an ice fishing forum and there is no ice

--- End quote ---

I guess if yer looking for lotsa silly social psychobabble, go to buttbook or any of the other silly social sites. 
Lack of ice everywhere = no fishing, no fish, no fish pics, and fewer questions being posted.

my ice fishing season is either non existent or a period of 7 days in February in southeast MA if I am lucky, the rest of the winter I just come on here to bust balls so I dont go crazy.  The reality is this MA page should be changed to Berkshire County because the 4 guys from there are the only ones doing any real ice fishing consistently


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