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This used to be my favorite website. Things really Died down. What happened?

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So sad to see this website fizzle away like MySpace and Kmart

What the heck is going on?

Where did everyone go?

Out looking for ice?

I haven't been here that long maybe 3 years so I probably missed this sites heyday but it seems fairly active considering there's been no ice this year. All the folks that just like to blow up spots and beg for ice reports have moved on to Facebook because its unfortunately more tolerated there.

Yup spot burners and freedom of speech issues is what I hear from friends/members.  Facebook shouldn't even be used by Americans. Its slightly worse than here. This site is slowly being left with only Karen's andlwingers

I agree with you up its sad

The site has been hemorrhaging active users for over A decade.   Obviously climate change has been a factor but the biggest contributor to the downfall is the  fact that the message board format is untenable.  There is no spot burning on a quilting message board and those type of boards failed as well

Im amazed this place held on as long as it did.  Its a testament to the greatness of ice fiahing


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