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Hey Guys, does anybody set tip-up's for Ski's on Webster? Is there any other place to get on beside the boat launch by the back water? Live about 2 hours north in Michigan, would love to hand line a Ski and release it. Any help would be appreciated.        Swen

ole green moe:
You can get onto the west side of Webster at the park next to the lakeview restaraunt. There are plenty of muskie in there so you should have some success.

Moe, thanks for yourhelp. Can you tell me if you are coming from 30 on 13 towards Webster, about halway is a bait shop on the right hand side. Do you happen to know the name of that bait shop? Thanks alot, Swen

The bait shop is Number One Stop Bait and Tackle. Good bait shop.

in my opinion it the best bait shop around, just my 2 cents worth


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