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wawasee ????


Do any of you guys know of places to get onto Wawasee other than the public ramp , gardens , or north channel(Johnsons Bay)? I'd like to spend more time fishing up there but thats a lot of water (and walking) to cover from just a couple access points. I'm looking for something I'll be able to come back and find my truck where I left it , not at the impound lot  ;)

ole green moe:
Just go ahead and drive your truck out on the lake. Youv'e got insurance don't you.

other than the spots you've mentioned, the rest of the lakeshore is basically covered with Homes.... You're gonna have to get to know the folks who live on the lake... Pick one about ever mile or so all the way around the lake, Knock on the door, and introduce yourself as their new best friend......Or get that atv ya know you've been wanting.

The ATV is in the future , just not the immediate future. I know an old "dog" that I hitch a ride from quite a bit. That is the only way to fish a lake the size of Wawasee. I thought maybe someone knew of a couple places to get on that I didn't. I guess unless Santa leaves a 4 wheeler under the tree in a couple weeks I'll just walk as much of it as I can. Thats fine too !! Just make ice baby !!

The old Panfishermen of Marion have been fishing Wawasee out of their boats as of Saturday 12/3/05.


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