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I read on another forum where they kill the perch on that lake. However you do have to walk up to a mile out. Most use snowmobiles or atv's. And yes there is almost every year atleast one air rescue. Dangerous cracks.

YR bender:
The ice fishing guide I used last year on Lake Erie took his two sons to Lake St. Claire to catch perch in Feb. last year. He told me he walked about 1/2 mile and dragged his shanty with him. He told me he caught hundreds of perch in all sizes--his sons had a ball. He kept just enough for a big perch fish fry--about 50. He invited me to go also, I didn't go--STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!

Hey YR sounds like me not going sauger fishing yesterday my friend caught about 70 and got tired of reeling in fish because his wrists were to sore...I was cleaning out the garage...Stupid is as stupid is ALWAYS better than work

YR bender:
Hey jlc hunter, I enjoy catching just about anything. I have never had the opportunity to catch sauger. I would really like to try it. It sounds to me like you have the spots and the technique. I live in Muncie, but would drive a long way to experience it. Please send me an IM if you are interested to have some company.

Its gonna cost ya $500.00 Smackers if they gotta rescue ya on Erie,its by no means a free-flight.......... ???


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