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I know you guys up north have got to be getting was 15 when I left for Ohio River...Caught some nice sauger...guys next to me limited out for sure and I think they took a few extra for the road...the waiting for the ice is killing me...Bass Pro in Louisville has no ice stuff so don't bother going's a behemoth of a store though...What's going on up north ready to fill the tank and start driving!

I spotted ice covering 2 large ponds entirely today...Lake County ..Rodney

sounds like we have to keep it cold!!! Sad to hear about the father and daughter today in Wis. my wife and mother in law wanted to remind me about the dangers of ice fishing...I told them they were out on three inches of ice and up there with a little patience they may have had 5-6 inches in a couple of weeks definitely a sad happening

Three(3) inches of ice is plenty to hold ANY INDIVIDUAL,as long as there isn't any springs in the lake or pond,the father and daughter we're on spring fed water,which is a no no on early ice,it was a very sad situation,you never wanna hear bad news like that,hey Asphalt Kid,that pond we fished 2 years ago north of Hagerstown,back in the back cove has a good 2" of hard ice,with some 10" gills dying to eat some flies,this warm weather these next 2 days will sure soften it up,if this warm front wasnt coming thru,Ide be fishing tommorrow for sure,looks like were gonna have to wait awhile,I winterized the big boat,but still got the 16'er ready to go,if it turns warm again Im hookin er up (lol)be patient and be SAFE GANG,

                                                                                    JIMMY LANG

It looks like forget the ice for right now I might go back and try to catch more sauger....We need a longer cold spell than two days!!!!


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