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What Ice line are you using and How do you fish it.

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Hi Gang!
   What brand ice line do you guys use? 
   What pound test do u like?
   What kind of fish do u use it on?
    Do you tight line ect..  What is your style of ice fishing?
    How does your ice line perform does it curl or have memory?
     Do you guys use special leaders and have a main line /leader combo?

    I would really like specifics cause I want to learn from the best and I consider you guys inovative and really experienced.  The only way you learn in this sport is hard knocks (FREEZING) and buy asking the ones before you who been there done that.
  Lets make this the best thread ever on ice line!!!  Rock & Roll help teach the newbie's.

I love micro ice in 3lb for pans.  same line in 6 or 8 for eyes.  fireline for tipups on pike

  I seem to change brands each year but I always use 2 or 3 lbs test.
Boiler Up!

I Use The Lightest Line I Can Find..I Tie A Jig On Then Drop It Down The Hole ;D

I aint tellin :o



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