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Why Do You ice fish?

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I Love Eating Bluegill And Crappies Deepfried...Thats 1 Of Many Reasons

Warm weather = 6-7 days a week of 12- 14 hour days

Cold Weather  = 0 days of work  24-7 of ice fishin

ole green moe:
Too many reasons to list in one post, so I'll narrow it down to my top 3.  1) I'm married and the wife doesn't like to ice fish.  2) I'm married and the wife doesn't like the cold. 3)  I'm married and the wife is scared to death of walking on the ice.      I'm not sure but I may need some counseling. I JUST LOVE ICE FISHING.

If you live where there is cold/winter you have to have a winter hobby.Otherwise you become one of those people who complains all of the time and only lives about 8 monthes out of the year. Celebrate the winter and eat some fresh fish!!! Paul

I ice fish because i can't take the boat out. I get to use smaller poles and watch that little wire bend over. Besides, the fish taste so much better seeing how they are already ON ice!


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