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Why Do You ice fish?

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Hi Gang!
  I am interested in the reasons why you all like to ice fish.
   My Particular reason is it makes me feel alive!  I get all cranked up and feel like thor when I step out on first ice.. Nothing like that mid winter squal at 0 to make you feel like your really doing something special.  Or at night how really really quiet it gets then you hear that ice just shatter across the lake,  and how bright the stars are.
                      I read a good reason last week .
    I read it in in fisherman the guy explains it.  Ice fisherman do what they do cause its what they do!  That was confusing and powerful all at the same time to me.
    So my question is why do you all do this ice fishing thing.  Why does it get in to your inner most thoughts every day your not on the ice.
                    Why O Why do we do what we do??       

   Looking for your answeres

You can't beat the solitude and feeling of freedom of ice fishing.  Living in Minneapolis, it's so nice to get back home and hit one of my little honey holes w/ no one to see.  A nice 20 degree day, maybe a little wind, a light snow falling on your shoulders, and the crisp, clean winter air flooding your lungs.  Mmmm...
Oh yeah, and catching a few fish is nice, too   ;D

i ice fish cause the waters froze. hehe realy for the same reason you guys do. seam to get bigger bass and pike threw the ice also. im also addicted to watchin my cousins flasher ;)

I Ice Fish Cause I Can Walk On Water ;D

I agree scum , those flashers are hypnotizing !   I love to fish so I suppose thats why I ice fish. I started doing it fairly young so it's always been there. I enjoy being able to get away. I think most ice fishermen like that part of it. A person gets so busy it's nice to get away and forget about the worries of the world for awhile. "Ole Green Moe" and  "Scroungy Dog" normally make for some good entertainment out on the ice also. We don't always fill a bucket with fish but we always seem to come home with a new story (MOST of them true):)

Boiler Up!


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