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Lake George Slabs!!!

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High Tide:
The Salt Creek you are referring to that holds the salmon and trout are down stream from Lake George, and Deep River flows into Lake George near 61st Ave. about 1 mile WSW of Wisconsin Street bridge.  But there is another river feeding Lake George as well, and that is the one that feed the polluted water.  About 5 years ago the city of Hobart dregded Lake George in certain areas of the Lake, and until then you couldn't find a fishing hole over 8 foot deep (and that was under the brigdes) and most of the lake is still 3-4 fow because of the silt build up which holds the toxins. But I would still talk to the DNR to find out what the levels are.  Who knows maybe the dregding help out, which I hope for, because that lake has great pan fishing, and one of the best kept secrets for Large Mouth Bass.


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